One Frame: Gratitude & Wild, Free Dreams

All Good Things Are Wild and Free <3.

I am just getting back into the swing of things after a week long adventure of shooting this beautiful couple in this beautiful place.

During this past week of my return, as I have been sorting through all of the images from the trip, I have been many times overwhelmed with a deep gratitude and appreciation that has sometimes brought me to tears, and I feel I must share.

First and foremost, I am so thankful for the opportunity to join this couple and their families (who welcomed us with open arms!), to travel to this beautiful place and to document their love and commitment to each other- all the while shooting barefoot on a white sandy beach!

I am so thankful for my friend and fellow free spirit, Eva of Eva Lin Photography for accompanying me on this adventure! Not only was she the best assistant and second shooter this past week, but breathed so many beautiful words of inspiration during our conversations in our down time on our work week. So thankful for this creative & inspiring soul in my life!

With all these things, I have been surely carrying a happy heart this week!

But I have been carrying around more in my heart these past couple weeks- a deep gratitude for wild dreams being fulfilled.

Years ago, when I chose photography as my career path, it was because I believed that it could take me places and fulfill the wanderlust I have carried in my soul from a very young age. Four years later,  it has definitely been a wild ride with frequent ups and downs, but this first adventure photographing a week long destination wedding has made me stop and reflect on this craft of photography, the people that I have met and the beautiful souls it has connected me with, the wild places it is taking me, the lovely things I get to photograph in front of my camera lens and the passion it instills in me as I explore the world.

Here’s to wild, free dreams, fulfilling my wanderlust soul, expressing continual gratitude and always dreaming wildly of what is ahead!

So, what’s in YOUR wildest dreams?

As I dream of traveling the world photographing people in love, what do you dream of?

I want to encourage you to dream on, lovelies! Because wishes really do come true!

And remember: all good things are wild and free.




KKP_1079 2


Dress: Free People

Photography: Kelsey Kradel Photography

Assistant Photography: Eva Lin Photography








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