photo by Abie Livesay

photo by Abie Livesay

Hello! I’m Kelsey….

I’m a photographer with an adventurous spirit -  I’ll fly to the Grand Canyon to shoot your wedding suspended over 5,000 feet or hike up a mountain to shoot your engagement under a waterfall. I’m not afraid to climb a tree to get a shot on your wedding day and I once got poison ivy while shooting wedding portraits in the most perfect, magical location during golden hour. Although I seek out couples who share the same sense of adventure, I want to tell YOUR story no matter what it is.

When I am not behind a camera you can probably find me riding my bike, getting lost in the woods or shopping on One day I will travel the entire US on a motorcycle, live in a cabin in the forest complete with chickens and other farm animals and will actually learn to cook instead of just making burnt messes in the kitchen.

Want to know more? Let’s grab a beer or a coffee and get to know each other! I can’t wait to hear from you!

xoxo, Kelsey

when I’m not photographing weddings you will find me here…